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Film, TV, music, publishing & journalism, eSports & gaming, multimedia, social media, advertising & marketing, theater, arts & culture, sports; collective rights management & tariff negotiations

"Entertainment goes tech and vice versa" – Amazon's multi-billion $ acquisition of MGM being the latest example: I can help media companies navigate stormy tech waters.

My practice covers all types of publishing & distributing motion pictures (films), network TV, music, texts, photographs, etc., in any media, online and offline.

I represent users and rightholders, such as publishers, advertisers & marketers, producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, musicians, authors, photographers, models and other artists in copyright and contractual issues. I defend and enforce your rights – in negotiations, litigation and arbitration.

As a member of the Swiss Federal Arbitration Commission for the Exploitation of Copyrights and Related Rights (ESchK) I have the experience to assist you in all questions related to collective rights management & tariff negotiations with SUISA, ProLitteris, SWISSPERFORM, SUISSIMAGE and SSA.

Thanks in no small part to my time spent in New York City & Los Angeles and my degree in entertainment law from UCLA (the world's top law school in this field) I have good connections with the "biz".

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