Film, TV, music, publishing, eSports, gaming, journalism, multimedia, social media, theater, arts & culture, sports; collective rights management & tariff negotiations

"Entertainment goes tech" – Amazon's multi-billion $ acquisition of MGM being the latest example: I can help media companies navigate stormy tech waters.

My practice covers all types of publishing films, music, texts, photographs, etc., in any media, online and offline.

I represent publishers, producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, musicians, authors, photographers, models and other artists in copyright and contractual issues. I defend and enforce your rights – in negotiations, litigation and arbitration.

As a member of the Swiss Federal Arbitration Commission for the Exploitation of Copyrights and Related Rights (ESchK) I have the experience to assist you in all questions related to collective rights management & tariff negotiations with SUISA, ProLitteris, SWISSPERFORM, SUISSIMAGE and SSA.

Thanks in no small part to my degree in entertainment law from UCLA (one of the world's top law schools in this field) and my time spent in New York City I have good connections with the "biz".