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Swiss data protection law, GDPR, etc. – all content industry related matters; IT security; Swiss banking secrecy

Digitalization is everywhere: Data has become the leading currency – the oil (or gold) of our modern economy. Almost everybody is impacted by the content industry & social media, and data protection & privacy is here to stay. I can help you with all aspects of protecting, exploiting, commercializing and monetizing your data & other information and in the development, assessment, implementation and monitoring of data privacy management programs.

As to IT security, it is a case of “when” rather than “if” a cyberterrorist attack will occur. I can assist you with preparing for an attack (e.g., establishing a plan for managing and recovering from a cyberattack) and with handling all sorts of IT security incidents.

I also render advice related to the Swiss banking secrecy.

Data & Cyberspace: Practice Areas
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