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Swiss data protection law, GDPR, etc. – all content industry related matters; IT security; Swiss banking secrecy

Digitalization is everywhere: Data has become the leading currency – the oil (or gold) of our modern economy. Almost everybody is impacted by the content industry & social media and data protection & privacy is here to stay. I can help you with all aspects of protecting, commercializing and monetizing your data and in the development, assessment and implementation of data privacy management programs. As to IT security, it is a case of “when” rather than “if” a cyberterrorist attack will occur. I can assist you with preparing for an attack (e.g., establishing a plan for managing and recovering from a cyberattack) and with handling all sorts of IT security incidents. I also render advice related to the Swiss banking secrecy.



IT contracts, digital transformation, e-commerce, social media, telecoms, artificial intelligence, internet of things

I draft, negotiate & close all types of tech industry contracts (outsourcing incl. BPO and employment law aspects, cloud incl. SaaS/IaaS/PaaS, software licensing incl. OSS & apps, hosting, integration, SAP implementation, infrastructure, consulting, technology transfer incl. R&D, H2020, etc.). Moreover, I render tech law advice regarding digital transformation, e-commerce, social media, telecommunications, artificial intelligence and other emerging, cutting-edge technologies (incl. internet of things, eHealth, smart health, MedTech, LegalTech, FinTech, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data analytics, predictive maintenance, quantum computing, etc.).



Film, TV, music, publishing, eSports, gaming, journalism, multimedia, social media, theater, arts & culture; collective rights management & tariff negotiations

"Entertainment goes tech" – Amazon's multi-billion $ acquisition of MGM being the latest example: I can help media companies navigate stormy tech waters. My practice covers all types of publishing films, music, texts, photographs, etc., in any media, online and offline. I represent publishers, producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, musicians, authors, photographers, models and other artists in copyright and contractual issues. I defend and enforce your rights – in negotiations, litigation and arbitration. As a member of the Swiss Federal Arbitration Commission for the Exploitation of Copyrights and Related Rights (ESchK) I have the experience to assist you in all questions related to collective rights management & tariff negotiations with SUISA, ProLitteris, SWISSPERFORM, SUISSIMAGE and SSA. Thanks in no small part to my degree in entertainment law from UCLA, the world's top law school in this discipline, I have good connections with the "biz" in the US.



Copyright, trademarks, business & domain names, designs, patents, know-how, licensing, distribution, advertising

I render legal advice related to copyrights, trademarks, business & domain names, geographical indications (e.g., "Swissness"), designs, patents, trade secrets, trade dress, know-how protection (related to your ideas, business methods and other intangible assets that are neither protected by copyrights nor by patents), advertising and unfair competition (incl. ambush marketing, passing-off, etc.). My IP related transactional work includes licensing, distribution, transfer (assignment), research & development, cooperation, pledges and M&A deals (drafting, reviewing, negotiation, interpretation, due diligence, etc.). I also represent my clients in IP & unfair competition law litigation before all courts in Switzerland and I act as a counsel, mediator and arbitrator in IP-related mediation & arbitration proceedings. Moreover, I provide the entire range of trademark and design services (searches, filing, etc.).



On-demand counsel & interim/part-time legal management for startups, SMEs and corporations, incl. data protection officer (DPO) services

You need a senior interim/part-time external (i.e., outsourced) legal counsel & manager at an attractive rate? Request a quote. I assist startups, SMEs and corporations in their challenging daily tasks (i.e., requiring a short response time) related to all aspects of commercial, corporate, employment and competition law (incl. reviewing, drafting & negotiating all sorts of agreements and other legal documents, corporate housekeeping, commercial register filings, corporate governance, digitilization projects, tokenization, smart contract solutions, etc.). Moreover, I offer external data protection officer (DPO) and (regulatory) compliance manager services. A highlight of my long corporate counsel career at IBM was conducting critical and complex antitrust procedures throughout Europe, implementing EU competition law commitments and monitoring IBM's compliance.

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