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Digital Lawyer & Counsel (DLC)® solving your legal issues in Switzerland with deep tech industry & in-house experience:

Data, IT/IP & Media and beyond

Enabling your business & protecting your rights: Alesch Staehelin has 20+ years of experience as a counsel, dealmaker, negotiator, litigator and legal manager. Since June 2021 he has been serving his clients through his own law firm. Before returning to private practice for several years as a partner in another Zurich based law firm, Alesch worked more than a decade for IBM as a senior in-house counsel in various international lead positions, which enables him to speak his clients’ language and understand their exact needs – reviewing, drafting & negotiating contracts, closing deals, rendering general legal advice, developing, implementing & monitoring compliance programs, conducting legal proceedings, etc. Clients making deals with large tech companies benefit from Alesch’s deep knowledge of the structures, specific standards and internal decision-making processes of such companies and from his extensive personal network.

Dr. Alesch Staehelin, Attorney at Law/Rechtsanwalt, LL.M. (UCLA) is here for you to provide highly skilled, effective, and innovative legal services in a timely manner and at reasonable costs – always with a personal touch.

Practice Areas (Overview):

Data & Cyberspace

Information Technology (Tech Industry)

Intellectual Property & Unfair Competition

Media & Entertainment

External Legal Department