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Digital Lawyer & Counsel (DLC)® solving your legal issues in Switzerland with deep tech industry & in-house experience:

Data, IT/IP & Media and beyond

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Alesch Staehelin has 20+ years of experience as a counsel, dealmaker, negotiator, litigator and legal manager. Since June 2021 he has been serving his clients through his own law firm. Before returning to private practice for several years as a partner in another Zurich based law firm, he worked more than a decade for IBM as a senior in-house counsel in various international lead positions, which enables him to speak his clients’ language and understand their exact needs – reviewing, drafting & negotiating contracts, closing deals, rendering general legal advice, developing & moncompliance programs, conducting legal proceedings, etc. Clients making deals with large tech companies benefit from Alesch’s deep knowledge of the structures, specific standards and internal decision-making processes of such companies and from his extensive personal network.

Dr. Alesch Staehelin, Rechtsanwalt, LL.M. (UCLA) is here for you to provide highly skilled, effective, and innovative legal services in a timely manner and at reasonable costs.

Practice Areas (Overview):

Data & Cyberspace

Information Technology (Tech Industry)

Intellectual Property & Unfair Competition

Media & Entertainment

External Legal Department